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Kahlua Cream Polární úsvit "Bella"

We spent another beautiful weekend at Club show of KSP. We are over the moon with Bella having BOB and Face coming in such great condition for Best of veteran. Huge thanks to the judge Ewa Gorska for thinking so high about Bella and our Polarni usvit kids.

No Rain Just Sunny Polární úsvit "Sunny" - male, open class Exc.2. R.CAC. Owner: p. Tůma

No Clue Polární úsvit "Clue" - female, open class - Exc.2, R.CAC. Owner: Lukáš Petira

Kahlua Cream Polární úsvit "Bella" - female, winner class - Exc.1, CAC, BOB !!!

Face to Face Polární úsvit "Face" - female, veteran class - Exc.1, BOV. Owner: Kateřina Seidlová

Big thanks to our puppy owners for coming at the show !!!

Aura Polární úsvit

Everything ends once and begins again.. Unfortunately, today is the day when something ends. We had to let our Aura go. She was born on March 23, 2005 in the first litter raised in our kennel. We are honored that such a bitch was born here. She was the best family dog ​​and partner, she was great in mushing, she was incredibly great at shows with 15 championships to her credit, she was a wonderful mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt to all the puppies. In short, she was the BEST... I have no more words, losing a faithful partner after 16 years and almost 4 months means enormous sadness and emptiness. The only thought that helps a person is that she enjoyed her life here to the fullest, for a long time and was a really beloved canine companion. I took attached photo on July 1, 2021, when she was still an active old dog. It is even taken out of the video where you can see how she was still full of power..

No Rain Just Sunny Polární úsvit

This time we had only one dog bred by us at our spring club show, with very nice result:

No Rain Just Sunny Polární úsvit "Sunny", owner: p. Tůma

12.06.2021 - Club show KSP with title "KW"  - judge: Zuzana Mikolková Betinská (SK) - intermedium class - Exc.1, CAC

13.06.2021 - Club show - judge: Martin Šipkovský (SK)  - intermedium class - Exc.1, CAC


Our beloved Aura is 16 today ! It was such hapiness that I could wrote here about her 15 birthday last year, but 16 - that´s miracle and we are so happy for it. She still can walk for short walks with us and she is happy dog. This is more than all shows of the world. The best thing ever to have old dog at home in such great condition like she is. Aura, you are amazing! We wish you to stay in this condition as long as possible! We love you Aura..

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