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  It was first time, when was our offspring presented on this big prestige show and just with the great result!!!
Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit - K´eyush (* 29.3.2009; Multi BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Sno Quest´s King Of Landwood x BIS WW ICH CH Delightful Anny Inditarod) became  BEST PUPPY IN BREED!!!
Big congratulation to his owners and thanks so much for great presentation of our kennel! Owners: Charlene and Sergio Bebiano, Keykas Kennels Handler: Ivan Calleja, Ivram Kennels
  Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 - in junior class
Duke Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 - intermedium class
Crony Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner - champion class
Face to Face Polární úsvit - Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY !!!
  Easy Boy Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, JCAC - Best Junior Male of the day 27.3. and Excellent 2 second day 28.3. This is really very nice success for us on such big and prestige show like is EURASIA! Big thanks and congratulation for Aigul, owner of Easy Boy "Maxi"!!!
  Clipper Polární úsvit "Cikuq" - Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB!!!
Congratulation for Harald and Bettina, owners of "Cikuq".
  Crony Polární úsvit - CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!
Europa Polární úsvit - CAJC, BOB Junior!!!
Daphne Polární úsvit - R.CAC, R.CACIB
  Aura Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC, CAC-VDH, National Winner
Big thanks to Kate Seidl - Shamanrock Kennel - for grooming and handling of Aura!
  Aura Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC, CAC-VDH, CACIB, BOB !!!
Big thanks to Kate Seidl - Shamanrock Kennel for grooming and handling of Aura!
  Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit - Verz promising 1 in puppy class!
Aura Polární úsvit - Excelelnt 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 2 !!!
  Asim Polární úsvit - Excellent
Buster Polární úsvit - Excellent
Casper Polární úsvit - Excellent
Face to Face Polární úsvit - Very promising 1 in puppy class
Aura Polární úsvit - Excellent V. /grooming and handling Kate Seidl - Shamanrock Kennel/
  (Multi BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Sno Quest´s King Of Landwood x WW ICH Delightful Anny Inditarod)
K´eyush has become a finalist for the PetPlan Junior Stakes 2011. It is a very prestigious competition for Junior dogs from 9 to 18 months. There are only 4 qualifiying shows during the year and the 28 winning dogs will qualify for the final which will be held in January 2011.
  Another great result which we are really proud of, was at the Club Show AMCUK Speciality Show 15.5.2010
- 1st. in Junior Rescue stakes
- Reserve Best Overall Rescue Stakes
  Many thanks and big congratulations to K'eyush owners Sergio and Charlene for all the love and care they give to this boy. If you want to see more results of K'eyush please follow Keykas Kennels
  Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit - Very promising 1 in puppy class and BEST IN SHOW PUPPY !!!
  Face to Face Polární úsvit - Very promising 2 in puppy class
Guinevere Polární úsvit - Very promising 3 in puppy class
Aura Polární úsvit - CAC, Best female, BOB and BEST IN SHOW !!!
  Duke Polární úsvit - CAC, National Winner
Guinevere Polární úsvit - Very promising 1 in puppy class
Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit - CAJC, BOB JUNIOR!!!
  Aura Polární úsvit - CAC, National Winner
Delightful Anny Inditarod - Excellent 1 in veteran class
  Duke Polární úsvit - CAC, res.CACIB
Delightful Anny Inditarod - Winner of veteran class and BEST IN SHOW veteran !!!
  Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit "Chaya" won BOB PUPPY and then also BIS PUPPY!!! It is very prestigious show in U.K. and our Chaya managed to win the highest title possible for her age! I remind, that puppy class is until 12 months in U.K.! Ohhhh.... We are sooo happy!!!Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit "K´eyush" won BEST OVERALL STAKES WINNER!!! Judge: Theresa Kneebine.
Thanks to the judges and so nice owners of both dogs! Keyush and Chaya are doing great job in U.K. shows! We are so happy and really pleased with their results. I still love both of them! Keyush was here with us 6 months and Chaya 10 months! I miss you both!!!!

Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner!
Europa Polární úsvit - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner!
Daphne Polární úsvit - excellent 1, CAC

Both national winners are brother and sister from our kennel !!!

  Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC in strong intermedium class!!! Great job Nuk and Susan!
Face to Face Polární úsvit - Excellent 2 again in strong junior class!
Europa Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 CAC
Daphne Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 CAC
Aura Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC and best female!!!
  Our Aura managed to be best bitch although she was not completely back in coat! We are so proud of her, her moving and body structure! We are very happy for this result. Big thanks to the judge!
Delightful Anny Inditarod - Excellent 2 in veteran class
  Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit - Excellent 3 in intermedium class!!!
Asim Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC and finish Champion of Slovenia !!!
Face to Face Polární úsvit - Excellent in junior class
Europa Polární úsvit - Excellent in intermedium class
Daphne Polární úsvit - Excellent 4 in open class
  Aura Polární úsvit - Ecellent 4 in champion class - Aura again confirmed her quality, although she wasn´t completely in coat!  
Delightful Anny Inditarod - Ecellent 4 in veteran class
  Lord of the Rings Appalachian - father of our current litter "H" won CAC, Specialty show winner, BOB and BIS!!! Great job Frodo and Kate !!! Frodo is just now in Shamanrock kennel for the shows!
  Duke Polární úsvit - Excellent 2, res.CAC
Face to Face Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior specialty show winner, BOB Junior!!!
Goldie Polární úsvit - Excellent 3 in junior class
Europa Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC, Specialty show winner !!!
Daphne Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, CAC
Delightful Anny Inditarod - Excellent 1 in veteran class and she has finished Veteran champion of Czech Republic!!!
  Another two dogs from our kennel are available for breeding:
Duke Polární úsvit - HD 0/0 and he is stud male!
Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit - HD 0/0, ED 0/0 and he is also stud male!
  It was another show, where our offspring made really great job. Thanks to all our puppy owners for the care and love they give their wards and for energy and finance invested in exhibitions!

Lord of the Rings Appalachian - father of our litter "H" made again Specialty show winner!!!

Daphne Polární úsvit "Eimi" - CAC, Specialty show winner, BOB and BEST IN SHOW!!!
Big congrats Janka and Ulli!!!!


Faerie in Black Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, Club junior winner, BOB Junior, BISS Junior!!!

Big congratulations to owners in the kennel Nunivak Island
  Finally, winter is knocking on the door again and the dogs can stretch their paws! Cassie is back in the team of Vladimír Vraštil and in category A2 (sprint) won!!!
  He has really fast team! Members of the team: Cassie Polární úsvit, Druid od Mamutí Skály, Angie and Argo Železný vrch.
  I train Cassie myself and the others are at home in Vladimír´s home in the kennel Železný vrch. All three dogs are offspring of our male Jessie (Ich.Just Fur Fun Shamanrock). It´s just such a note for sworn opponents of show dogs here because "they can not run"! Dears, as I hear these comments often, I must write it here. There is ONLY ONE STANDARD of Alaskan Malamute. The dog must have a talent for racing and may have it or not either from show or racing parents. Another thing is the training. The dog will be hard to run when we sit at home on the couch! Equally, if I want to enter the show, so I give the bath to the dog - and why not?! I guess when you go to the theater, so you also wash yourself and put on some nice dresses or no?
  I have no problem to bath the dog before the show and then go to run in the mud again. Make the shows and racing together take really lot of time, energy and the money of course. Let´s be glad that we have northern dogs at home and that we want them to do something, then more of them can be between us. Doesn´t matter how we spend the time with them, when they are happy dogs!
  Aura and Frodo have 10 puppies - 5 boys and 5 girls!!! More under the litter "H"...

category MD C, distance 16km

Vláďa Vraštil took 2nd place with him team!!! Our Cassie was again member of his team! Great results! Great job!

  Vláďa Vraštil won great 2nd place from 8 competitors, trail 22,6km. This was last race for our Cassie. She is going to be mother now. This means end for our racing season but we are looking forward to next year!
  Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit Excellent 1, Best male "CC", BOB and BIG 2 in working group!!!

Again fabulous success for this young boy! 153 entries!!! We are proud of his critique:

Bebiano's Malta Ch Equinox Woodvram Polarni Usvit ( Imp).

Such a super young male who has so much promise and great ring presence . He has a beautiful head with small ears with correct dark eyes, bulky muzzle and depth of skull. Gentle sloping topline and correct spring of rib. Good tailset and carriage on the move. Snowshoe feet ...with a powerful open side gait. In full coat and in great condition and was at one with his handler. He stood away from the class on the move and could not be denied the class. DCC and BOB and G2. Judge Mrs Sue Ellis


Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit "Chaya" Excellent 2 in strong junior class! She also got great critique:

Wolfe's Follow My Dreams Polarni Usvit Via Dreamwolves.

Another quality youngster who showed extremely well. Beautiful head with tiny ears and dark eye. Great tail carriage with super extension front and rear. Very close call between these two and I wished I'd had two red cards. Am sure they will swap places on another day. LKA - ...Judge Mrs Sue Ellis

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We have puppies out of Dobby and Maisy born 23.08.2023


All our three dogs are available to stud for approved bitches. They are successful in shows, but also excellent workhorses. More informations you find on the card for each of them, including health outcomes, show results, pedigrees and photo gallery .


Our bitches, or as we call home GIRLS, from the youngest to the oldest grandmother. Their exterior and nature is extremely important for us, after all it's the mother of our offspring. Mainly, however, the members of our household and partacky for our children.


Look at the history of our puppies from the first litter in 2005. We usually one litter each year and bred puppy takes place in our heart. We strive for them to choose the best home and the owners require constant contact. There is no better reward than seeing a happy puppy living an active life in a loving family.