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  We started our show season in Manchester in UK this year. It is 1660km far from us in northern part of England. There is one of the bigger shows in UK there, where you can get title CC. This title is only for best male and bitch in the breed. It is really not easy to get it, when you consider that usually is entered over 100 alaskan malamutes for such type of the shows. 104 AM were entered for Manchester show this year. We really didn´t want to come for this title, we just wanted to see the shows in UK, take part in such show and meet more and more friends which we have there ;-) The show itself wasn´t the main reason why we went there, so why not combine it together..
  wasn´t the main reason why we went there, so why not combine it together.. Anyway, Aura didn´t make bad job and she was 4th (RESERVE) in "Open class" and then she was FIRST in "Good Citizen Class" !!! But we were so excited from the result of our offspring K´eyush (Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit), living in UK. First, K´eyush won strong "Open Class", then also became best male and got  "CC" and finally was also BOB! Nothing makes me more happy at shows, when I see my offspring doing such great job! K´eyush got already his 7th CC and he gains on record holder with 8 CC in UK MultiCh.and World Winner Chayo Dom Perignon.
  We wanted to take part in this magnificent show with Aura few last years. Unfortunately, she never stayed in coat. We had luck this year finally and she kept her coat also in March ;-) So, we started again for a long trip to be part of one of the biggest show of the world!
  Thanks to long trip, we couldn´t groom the dogs at home and I would like to give big thanks to Sarah and Frank Cochran who helped us really very much! Sarah made really professional grooming of Aura, thank you Sarah for it once more!!!
  189 Alaskan Malamutes were entered for Crufts show this year. Aura was entered in "open class", 19 bitches were entered there. Aura took great 5th place (VHC=Very Highly Commented) !!! I think, that is great result, if we consider how huge show it is and that Aura is already 7 years old and she was able to beat bitches so many years younger!
  Our offspring K´eyush (Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit) took the same place, ie. 5th (VHC = Very Highly Commented) in the "open class" males where 19 dogs were entered as well. We are really very happy also for his result!
I can also compare competition this year and last year. In my opinion, this year we could meet bigger competition, especially between the bitches and we could meet not only the representatives of many well-known kennels of Europe but also to see many good dogs! Congratulations to the winners and look forward to next year, at least as visitors;-) The complete results of the exhibition can be found at:
  We would like to introduce here new web made by Radek Pelikan, Duke´s owner. I think, it is very nice presentation and I really appreciate it. Duke certainly deserves such website. Duke´s short introduction:

Duke Polární úsvit, date of birth 6.9.2008

Czech Junior Champion and Czech Champion

Hips 0/0, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear 8/2011

Actually also DNA tested for long coat gene and he is not carrier !!!

Duke also takes part in races with very nice results!

More about him and his new web

Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "Nuk" - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!

Duke Polární úsvit - Exc.3


  So happy to announce that our offspring Equinox Woodvram Polarni usvit "K´e yush" became 2nd Top Dog & 2nd Top Malamute & and also TOP IMPORT in United Kingdom for the year 2011! What a honor for our kennel! Thank you Sergio and Charlene Bebiano for great job and representation! I am so happy that K´eyush keeps such great results, when I remember here that he was Top Dog & Top Malamute & TOP IMPORT for the year 2010! You are heros!!!

Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "Nuk" - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!

Nuk and his co-owner and handler Zuzka Kynclova rock again and have another BOB ;-)

Guinevere Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC in open class, females


K´eyush (Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit) rocks again having another BEST IN SHOW

We are so happy for such wonderful results of this outstanding boy. You can read his critique from the show:
This dog has excellent type, of correct size and with plenty of substance. His movement is balanced, has power and looks as if he could work all day. His limbs turn neither in or out. He holds his topline on the move and carries his tail in the correct position. He has an excellent head with correctly placed ears and eyes which give the best of expressions. He is presented in excellent condition and his coat is immaculate. Well handled. I could not deny him BD again with my co-judges agreement he was BIS.

  Another representative from our breeding was only 18 months old boy "Cochise" (Hawkeye Polarni usvit). He did also really very well and got first place in strong yearling class! We are also very proud of his critique:
A dog with good construction which would suggest good working ability. Excellent front and rear angles. Good head with nice ears and eye placement, eye colour a little light. Excellent coat and condition. Moved well. This was a strong class of young dogs.
We thank to the judges for such great achievments of our offsprings! Huge thanks also to both owners of the dogs for great representation of our kennel. You can meet K´eyush at and Cochise at
  I waited a few years for such great news. I planned to buy the puppy from foreign breeding with foreign and different blood to European dogs to make some sense for the breeding here. The puppy and it's parents had to be the type which I really love, I had to also love the puppy's breeder, and the place where the puppy lives and the way it was raised. And mostly, the breeder of the puppy also had to like me and my kennel and trust me for it's loving care. Many things had to fall into place. I learned that "Patience is a virtue and the best remedy" and I can now announce that I came back from the USA 28.5.2012 with a new and beautiful member of our team!
  His name is OAKIOK MAGIC BOY FOR POLARNI USVIT, called SPIKE. His parents are AM/CAN CH Bearhug's Artic Bob Cat X Onans Oakiok Black Cat Magic. I am so thankful to his breeders - kennel OAKIOK - Cindy & Tom Uraynar for their hospitality, help, & most of all for my treasure Spike:-) I believe that Spike will enjoy his life here with us and he will make his breeders very proud during his show career here. Firstly, Spike is a beloved member of our pack and he already makes great company to my little son & me!

Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "NUK" - Exc.1, CAC-VDH

Aura Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC-VDH, CAC


Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "NUK" - Exc.1, CAC-VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!

Aura Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC-VDH, CAC, CACIB

Aura has finished Champion of Germany and DCNH Champion of Germany!!!


We entered this show like every year and we have achieved great results! Our dogs and offsprings reached for best titles again:

Ago Polární úsvit "Agouš" - open class - Exc.1, CAC
Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "NUK"-champ.class - Exc.1, CAC, BEST MALE
Duke Polární úsvit "Duke" - champ.class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Aura Polární úsvit - champ.class - Exc.1, CAC, BEST FEMALE, BOB !!!
Delightful Anny Inditarod - veteran class - Exc.1, Best veteran bitch

Our kennel Polární úsvit was also awarded Best Breeding Group!!!

  We are so delighted for Aura´s and Nuk´s results, as they took best male and best female! Aura was BOB for the last 3 years running at this show and the last two years she was also BIS! We are so proud of the titles that Aura has attained during her fantastic show career! I think, she has finished it in a really great way in champion class! She is going to have her last litter now and you can meet her next year in veteran class already!
  What I really didn´t like about this show was the weather! The temperature was over 30 centigrades! So awful for us people and especially for our dogs! It was lucky that they could swim just after the ring in the muddy river there ;-)
  Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit "K´eyush" shines again as he won the CACIB, BOB and BIG 3 !!! K´eyush is now a BELGIUM CHAMPION and has also finished his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!! Huge thanks to his owners Sergio and Charlene! I would like to say how very proud I am of K´eyush and his results ;-) Huge thanks also to all the judges who think so highly of him.
  This is one of the darkest days for a dog owners and breeders. Jessie celebrated his 12th birthday and we had to say Goodbye to him only 11 days later. I always thought, that we would be prepared for saying goodbye in the case of an older dog, but I discovered that we can never be prepared for such things.
It is easy to say that the dog is already old and that his time is coming, when we see our dear furry friend running on the garden. But when the time really comes it is very hard for those who love.
  12 years is a long time of daily walking, running, feeding, cuddling. We have had so many adventures, shows, races and activites together with our furry friend and it is so hard to accept that there is an end. Jessie had some health problems already but there were no indications that the end was coming. He still went for a walk with us every day. That makes it so hard for those who remain and remember, but it is also easier for our friend who is now without pain. I will never forget you Jessie. You were my first show malamute, first male dog and my hands 1000x cuddled your beautiful coat. R.I.P.
  We have more great news from England! Chaya "Follow My Dreams Polarni usvit" - 1st in Limit Bitch class and then taking Best Bitch and the Bitch CC! Chaya is coming back to the show ring after time out  having puppies and she has great show results! Chaya is only 2,5 years old and she has already 2x Res.CC and now also her 1st CC. Really not bad results, when I consider the time when she shone in Junior class and then 6 months which she spent with the pups at home.. So pleased for her show resutls!

Cochise "Hawkeye Polarni usvit" took 2nd place in very strong PGD class! That´s amazing, because he probably decided to leave his coat for the whole summer ;-) Despite being nacked he took 1st place in PGD class at the Bakewell show, then BOB and also GROUP 4, last week! Cochise is litter brother to our Lady and he is doing really well in his 20 months ;-)

We are thankful to breed specialist Mr. Keith Givens (Shomont Kennel) for such great results in Paington show! We are so pleased for such great results for our offsrpings from a breed specialists! Huge thanks also to owners of Chaya and Cochise Dreamwolvez Kennel.


Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1

So, Spike passed out his first show ever! ;-)

Ago Polarni usvit - open class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Duke Polarni usvit - champion class - Exc.1, CAC

Honey Lady Polarni usvit "Lady" - intermedium class - Exc.1, CAC


Cassie finished her first dogtrekking with our friend Hanka! They made 85km in 29:21 hours and took great 5th place! There is a reportage about this dogtrekking in magazine "Pes přítel člověka", where is also a picture of our Cassie with Hanka! I add the article under the picture here ;-)

Official website of this dogtrekking:

Cassie and Hanka started for another hike. They made 93km in 34:20 hours in the Giant Mountains. They were placed on the 6th place! Girls, you are really great!

Official website of the dogtrekking:

Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1, Best puppy in breed, BIS PUPPY 4 ! It was only the 2nd show for Spike and he was really super in the ring and got great results!

Honey Lady Polarni usvit "Lady" - intermedium class - Exc.1, CWC

Cassie Polarni usvit "Cassie" - champion class - Exc.1, CWC and she has finished CHAMPION OF POLAND!

  I can´t forbear to write here, that I was a bit amused by the judge, who said that Lady and Cassie are typical show dogs and therefore she gave CACIB title to another bitch that she considered to be more a working type. It is up to the judge who will be awarded this title of course! However, I doubt the working ability of this bitch as she was a bit bulky at that time. But it was really funny that the judge said this about two bitches who were in the training for "Sedivackuv Long", one of the hardest race in Europe! As I write it backdating, I can also confirm that both of them had really very hard sport season and they both did a great job and running 80-90km daily wasn´t a problem for them!

Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY !!!

Ago Polarni usvit "Ago" - open class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Honey Lady Polarni usvit "Lady" - open class - Exc.1, CAC
I was really proud of Lady, because she was the youngest in her class and she had very strong competition of 7 very nice females there. Anyway she did really great job and was real proffesional in the ring.


Ago Polarni usvit - open class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Honey Lady Polarni usvit - intermedium class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Face to Face Polarni usvit - open class - Exc.2, R.CAC, R.CACIB


Hanka started the dogtrekking with Aura this time, because Cassie was in season. We just discovered that Aura isn´t a dog who loves to work for everybody and she can be very stubborn! Well, she finished the trek, but she walked about half meter BEHIND Hanka! ;-) Hanka didn´t enjoy it very much, but I was really amused by this situation, because I knew that she is in good healthy condition and she is a great working dog in the team. Well, Aura isn´t a favourite dog for Hanka anymore and she doesn´t stop speaking about Cassie in superlatives from this time! Anyway, I can remember a situation when my friend Romana took Cassie for ski hike and Cassie sat down after 3km and refused to continue! It is clear that dogs aren´t working machines and they don´t work for everybody ;-)

By the way, Hanka and disgraced Aura finished this dogtrekking of 82km in 22:06 hours and took wonderful 3rd place!!! Congratulation girls! Here is a picture, not great quality but it shows Aura´s mood perfectly ;-)

Oficial website of the dogtrekking:

Only two years old Cochise - Hawkeye Polární úsvit - wins Limit Dog and gets also the title for best male in the breed  DOG CC !!! We are so proud of this result and also the critique by the judge Anthony Rees! Thank you very much! Greatest thanks go again to his owners Sharr & Jay -

Critique: First time I had seen this dog and instantly found him to fill my eye for breed type, quality, balance, size and substance. He like all dogs has one or two areas that could be tweaked, however has all the attributes to win anywhere in the world and is a pleasure to watch on the move. Very unlucky to come up against such an oustanding bitch in the BOB challenge.


Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY !!!

Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit "Nuk" - champion class - Exc.1, CAC


Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1

Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit "Nuk" - champion class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Honey Lady Polarni usvit "Lady" - open class - Exc.1, CAC


Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Very promising 1

Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit "Nuk" - Exc.2, R.CAC, R.CACIB

Honey Lady Polarni usvit "Lady" - Exc.1, CAC


We have another great news from kennel from United Kingdom!

Our offsrpring got brilliant placements in very strong classes again, and not only that!

Hawkeye Polarni usvit "Cochise" was first in Limit Dog!

Follow My Dreams Polarni usvit "Chaya" was first in Open Bitch and was also RBOB!!!

  This year we have had a very intensive season and have been regularly training the dogs for races. Especially Cassie and Lady. Lady is training for the first time this season and she is really great! Aura trains with them as a sparring partner and she ran in several autumn´s races. We train the dogs with our friend Vlada Vrastil as usual and the dogs run the races in his team. Our goal is to train the team for "Šedivačkův long 2013" - one of the hardest race in Europe. The team run several autumn races, but they train at home the most and almost every day! They finished these races:

06.-07.10.2012 Hrob u Teplic - sprint 5,9km - category A2 - 1st place (Cassie)

20.-21.10.2012 Červený Kostelec - sprint 5,3km - category A2 - 1st place (Aura, Cassie, Lady)

10.-11.11.2012 Jičín - sprint 4,8km - category A2 - 3rd place (Aura, Cassie, Lady)

17.-18.11.2012 Točník - MID 12km - category MB2 - 2nd place (Aura, Cassie)

24.-25.11.2012 Hradecký MID - 22,6km - Lady in category MB2 - 4th place, Cassie in category MSC2 8th place (musher Radek Pelíkán)

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We have puppies out of Dobby and Maisy born 23.08.2023


All our three dogs are available to stud for approved bitches. They are successful in shows, but also excellent workhorses. More informations you find on the card for each of them, including health outcomes, show results, pedigrees and photo gallery .


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