POLARNI USVIT alaskan malamute

  • Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit


    Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit

  • Honey Lady Polární úsvit


    Honey Lady Polární úsvit

  • Girls of Polární úsvit

    Girls of Polární úsvit

  • Polarni usvit puppies

    Polarni usvit puppies

  • Polarni usvit puppies

    Polarni usvit puppies

  • Polarni usvit puppies

    typical pup of Polarni usvit

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    training with friends

  • puppies of Polarni Usvit

    pup of Polarni usvit

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    Lady and little Bella

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    Honey Lady Polární úsvit

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About us

I think that everyone who loves dogs has his or hers preference for the breed. My favorite breed is the Alaskan malamute. I chose this breed for its temperament, activity and affection for people. They aren’t the best guard dogs, but they love fun and activity, which should be the reason for people to select the company of this type of dog over other breeds. It is said, that whoever gets the dog from the North will never want another dog like that, or stays with this one forever. As for me the latter is the true.

Jana u SeidluI got my first female malamute, “Cookie Kaskajetama” or so called Rita in 1995. At the time, I also had a horse, so Rita was my faithful companion and guide during my rides. I took the horse for a run on daily basis and Rita accompanied us every time. During the winter times, Rita followed us in the snow and she took cooling breaks in the river during the summer. She was the one who I took to the dog shows, joined the Northern Dogs Club with, and started to devote myself into a breeding of northern dogs. Within two years, Rita was pregnant, and I was looking forward to having her puppies. Unfortunately, Rita was not meant to be a mother, so I had to wait for my first puppy delivery little longer. During the time of waiting for Rita to breed, the kennel Polarni Usvit was founded in 1997.

We had an addition of “Just Fur Fun Shamanrock” called Jessie in 2000. This time I wanted a male dog that I could use for the dog exhibitions, so I reached out to the family Seidl known for the dog breeding successes. I was so proud of my decision when I brought home the cute little fur ball that I immediately fell in love with. Jessie was a successful show dog which encouraged me to dive into the dog showing pursue. Two years later, we acquired a female dog, “Delightful Anny Inditarod” called Annie, so that we could take an additional dog to the dog exhibitions. Annie was the dog that helped us to start our own dog breeding because she had really beautiful puppies. The majority of Annie’s puppies are also taking part in the dog exhibitions as well as dog breeding in Czech Republic as well as in the foreign countries. We are still taking part in dog exhibitions all over Europe. We are regular attendants of the biggest exhibitions, such as European and World dog show if they are not too far. The biggest pride is our female “Aura Polarni usvit” from our fist litter. She became the InterChampion in her early age, and she is a Champion of seven countries today. She received a title “BOB” several times, which is quite an accomplishment for a female dog. Nowadays, I enjoy the dog exhibitions even more because I can be proud of my own dog’s accomplishments as well as the dogs that I bread and see exhibiting with their new owners. It is also very nice to embrace and cuddle with our puppies while we meet with their new owners at the dog exhibits.


Our dogs are our best friends and caressing members of the family. We try hard to provide the best home as well as the most quality food for them. Our back yard isn’t big enough, so we take long walks daily. During summer times we go to the river, so that the dogs can cool down while exercising. When the weather allows, we take out our bikes or scooters and ride around for fun. The shortest route is 7 kilometers long, but during the fall and winter training time we ride up to 25 kilometers. We work closely with the breeding station Zelezny Vrch, and our dogs take part in races with Vlada Vrastil during which they achieved great results. This way I take part in the practice and Vlada takes care of the racing. Are you asking why am I not doing this all on my own? Well, the answer is that exhibitions, races, and practice are very time as well as financially consuming; thus, one can’t manage it all alone. Nevertheless, our dog’s family is growing and who knows what will future bring? ;-)

zahradaOur dogs are in the kennel all year long, but they can use the whole back yard to themselves, which is not much, but sufficient for a dog playground. The puppies stay in our apartment for the first 3-4 weeks where we can keep a close watch for them and their mother. Every responsible breeder will agree that they did not sleep several nights during the breeding time in order to be close by for the mother during her puppy delivery. The dog breeding is a great pleasure as well as a responsibility and financial extradition. Nevertheless, the small malamute fur balls, as we call our puppies, are the best price for all the work which gives us the will and the energy to continue. We also enjoy the success that dogs that we breed receive during the exhibitions and dog races. We love to see our puppies in their new loving families. As for now, I can say with ease that I have always found the great home for our puppies. I do all I can to fit them with the right people and stay in contact with them to ensure that our puppies are taken in a good care. The cover dogs for our breed are carefully selected and believe me that no distance will discourage us. So far Malta was the greatest distance that we travelled to obtain our cover dog. We plan every litter in a great detail in order for it to make the most sense as well as productive contribution to Alaskan malamute breed. Due to this due diligence most our puppies are reserved for sale prior to their birth. We do one litter or two for the most per year because our mission isn’t to produce puppies and then look for their home, but to breed healthy and quality descendants of our dogs. We have lot of plans for the future which are unfortunately limited by our finances as well as the number of dogs that we can and want to have. We have five dogs at the moment, which is the maximum that we can afford. We need to make sure that we have lot of time and love for each of our dogs, so that they can be members of our family and our pack as it is right now.

We will welcome everyone, after prior agreement that is interested in learning more about this wonderful breed.

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We have puppies out of Dobby and Maisy born 23.08.2023


All our three dogs are available to stud for approved bitches. They are successful in shows, but also excellent workhorses. More informations you find on the card for each of them, including health outcomes, show results, pedigrees and photo gallery .


Our bitches, or as we call home GIRLS, from the youngest to the oldest grandmother. Their exterior and nature is extremely important for us, after all it's the mother of our offspring. Mainly, however, the members of our household and partacky for our children.


Look at the history of our puppies from the first litter in 2005. We usually one litter each year and bred puppy takes place in our heart. We strive for them to choose the best home and the owners require constant contact. There is no better reward than seeing a happy puppy living an active life in a loving family.