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Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB Junior !!!

Spike was in junior class for the first time and he keeps so nice results that he had in puppy class ;-)

  Cassie passed out two days race in Janovicky in the team of Vlada Vrastil. They started in category MB2 and finised on the 3rd place. Distance was 31,55km both days. They had total time 6:32 hours for 63,10 km. First day was super for them and they did it in time 3:06 hours, but they had some problems on the trail second day and the time was worse 3:25 hours.

Lady run in category MSKJ2 (skier + 2 dogs). Second dog was also from our kennel - DUKE Polární úsvit - and his owner Radek Pelikan skied with them. Both dogs run together for the first time and they worked very nice together. Total time for them was 7:40 hours for 63,10 km and they finished on the 6th place.

All participants had very nice and snowy weekend full of sport, fresh air and dogs loving to run ;-) This race was the last training for the race Sedivackuv long!

  Šediváčkův long race is one of the hardest and toughest stage races in entire Europe and it is the toughest one in Czech Republic. It is a race of 4stages with a total length of 240 km along the Eagle Mountains‘ ridges, where the sledge is being raised over 7000 meters of altitude at all four stages.
  If you want to prepare your team for a race like this you have to think through everything and in an advance. Also very important is begin able to start practicing in the very first autumn days. This is not just ordinary training. Everything has to be planned and organized. Dogs must run regularly and serve them high quality feed, and with the prolong training it is costing you more, more and more time. I trained Lady and Cassie myself when it came to training up to 20km. The longer trails dogs ran across in Vlada Vrastil’s sledge dog team, which meant the dogs got exchanged halfway at each training. Just to get an idea………We live 50 km apart from each other, which is not much but the turn it is 100 km. 100 km much needed 3 times a week……………and that is just to get there.
  The day "D". Cassie, Lady and the other dogs in the Vlada Vrastil‘s sled ran on 24th January. The first stage 60km long was fabuously mastered by our team! After that day, the next most important thing is to get your dogs to the starting point again. And we did. January the 25th they ran another stage, long 55km followed by a mandatory 4hours break. After that break another 35 km to run to get to the finish of the second stage! Unfortunately, despite the dog’s readiness, our team was eliminated as well as many others in this race. They reached the checkpoint about 20 minutes later than the rules were allowing. To this day I don’t understand this rule and never will, as each team had totally different time to get to the Control point! Whoever started their run at 10 o‘clock on the morning had about an hour of extra time. Than the others started their run at 11am, for example our team. So as a result, paradoxically, on the end teams with a better average time were eliminated and those with worse average time but earlier start stayed in competition!
  This rule is absolutely incomprehensible for me! In addition, we all know that malamutes are great on long runs but they do not excel with an extra speed! I think this race is not about the speed! At least not for us who value the romance of Northerners. The whole race wasn’t about winning, but the race was about experiencing it all, about getting the dogs to the finish, if they‘ve managed. We gave everything to the preparation including training them and we were not the only team who ended up like this. It really does take a lot of enthusiasm and good mood out of you. The six-month preparation came to naught! The person who organizes the race has the right to set conditions as he likes, but in my opinion all competitors should have the same conditions for fairness, ie. Everyone should have the same time to reach checkpoint. The organizer determines STARTing time of the run for each team, where the later launching teams should not be disadvantaged!!!!

Ago Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC, R. CACIB

Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!


Ago Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB

Honey Lady Polární úsvit - Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB

We really enjoyed this weekend in Slovakia. True, the start wasn´t the best as the roads were full of snow. We weren´t sure if we reach the show area in time, but we did ;-) Our offspring Ago (owner T. Walerii) made me really happy, he beated much younger dogs in his 8 years! Great joy we had also from our Lady, she was the best bitch on Saturday and 2nd best bitch on Sunday.  Competition was really big both day and both judges were really strick but both of them liked Lady and it is really pleasure for me.

  Our offspring living in the UK were traditionally entered for this huge show, CRUFTS 2013. It is really unbelievable, that all of them are placed between the first five dogs in the class, year by the year! Moreover, judged by different judges and always in big competition. I am so proud of all of them ;-) You can read their critiques:

Hawkeye Polární úsvit "Cochise" - class LIMIT DOG - 2nd place!

critique: Although not in full coat, you couldn’t deny the shape or muscled quarters of this lad. Really nicely put together, with moderate substance, well arched feet, super tail and a gorgeous head. He moved quite beautifully around the ring.

Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit "Chaya" - class OPEN BITCH - 3rd place!

critique: Different in type to 1 and 2. Slightly out of coat but what a super girl with the most gorgeous head. In very hard condition all over and well bodied. Moved as one with her handler and covered the ground with ease.

Chaya and Cochise live in the kennel DreamWolves

Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit "K´eyush" - class OPEN DOG - 3rd place!

critique: In great condition and moved out so well with his handler around the ring. Lovely head with tiny ears and had a superb coat. Beautifully presented as always.

Owner of K´eyush - Sergio Bebiano

Cassie started another dogtrekking! She walked it with Jan Seda this time and they finished in great 3rd place! They did 82km in 18 hours and 18 minutes ;-)

Official website of dogtrekking :

Ago Polární úsvit "Ago" - champ.class - Exc.1, CAC, Club winner (own.T.Walerii)

Geena Polární úsvit - open class - Exc.1, CAC (own. T. Kopská)

Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" - open class - Exc.2

Guinevere Polární úsvit - champ.class - Exc.3


Alaskan Malamute Club of United Kingdom awards best dogs in various categories every year. Our offspring are traditionally between them, but these results are really fantastic:

Our offspring took the first three places in category TOP IMPORT 2012 !!!

1. Hawkeye Polární úsvit "Cochise"
2. Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit "Chaya"
3. Equinox Woodvram Polární úsvit "K´eyush"


That´s not all, Chaya became also 4th best overall bitch of the year 2012! Cochise was awarded as the 3rd best male and K´eyush 6th best male of the year 2012!!!

These are fabulous results for our kennel. I can´t be more proud of our puppies and their owners, especially when I consider the high number of malamutes in the United Kingdom!


Cassie went for a longer "walking" again, traditionally with Hanka Křováková ;-) 98km did in time 29 hours 47 minutes and took 5th place !

Official website of the dogtrekking:

What an outstanding show day for our dogs!

Enormous Nugget Polární úsvit "Nuk" - Exc.1, CWC, R.CACIB and he has finished CHAMPION OF POLAND and also INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (C.I.B.) !!!

Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" - Exc.1, CWC, CACIB


Oakiok Magic Boy For Polarni usvit "Spike" - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ - Best of Juniors

Ago Polární úsvit - Exc.1, Best veteran (owner: T.Walerii)

Honey Lady Polární úsvit - "Lady" - open class - Exc.1, CAC

Daphne Polární úsvit - champion class - Exc.2, R.CAC (owner: kennel Snow Flake of Engel)


Hawkeye Polární úsvit "Cochise" - first in Limit Dog, BEST MALE, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and won also BEST IMPORT !!!

122 Alaskan Malamutes were entered for this show!


Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ - Best of Junior. Spike has finished title CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!

Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" Exc.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB. Lady has finished title CZECH CHAMPION !!!

Daphne Polární úsvit "Eimi" - Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB (owner: - kennel Snow Flake of Engel)


Cassie and Hanka finished in 5th place again! They did 87km in 29 hours and 46 minutes.

Official website of dogtrekking:
Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" - open class - Excellent  
  Honey Lady Polární úsvit "Lady" - open class - Exc.2, R.CAC

Cassie and Hanka started the last dogtrekking before the summer and they finished again in beautiful 5th place! They did the treck 96km in 32hours and 31minutes. They both are so super girls ;-)

I want to thank Hanka for time devoting to Cassie. They like each other and I am happy that Cassie has such sporty friend. Not only that, Hanka has Hovawarth girl also called Cassie! Both bitches are great together as well! That confirms great character of my Cassie as a working dog because they met each other when my Cassie was 6 and Hanka´s Cassie was 5 years old.

BTW, Hanka has 3rd  place in dogtrekking championship of Czech Republic in 2013 in category DTW-1!!! Huge congrats Hanka !!!

  Another success in UK! Our "puppy" Hawkeye Polární úsvit "Cochise" was 1st in Limit Dog and then got DOG CC, finally also BOB! But it wasn´t finish, he took also 2nd place in working group - WG2 ! Mr. Bob Gregory was group judge. That´s really another great achievement for Cochise and his owners! Huge congrats guys !!!

We have another fabulous results from United Kingdom ;-)

Hawkeye Polární úsvit (Cochise) - 1st in Limit Dog, BEST DOG and then also BEST IN SHOW !!!

Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit (Chaya) - 2nd in Open Bitch & RESERVE BEST BITCH !!!

Totally entered 87 AM ;-) I could place here beautiful picture of Cochise but I can´t adore to place here picture of his very happy owner Jay after winning BIS!!!  ;-) It makes me so happy and I think that this picture says everything!

Dear friends and visitors of our website. We have updated NEWS from the August till the end of 2012. So, you can find it link below. It may seem, that our site stayed one year without any update, but that´s not true! I reclassified thousands of photos and chose the best for galleries! Every dog has its own gallery, finally! Every dog has updated table of show results! Every dog has new and current profile picture! Also our Spike has his place on this web, finally! Spike is our latest addition. We have fulfilled our dream and imported him from USA last year!

I will try to finish also NEWS 2013 soon! It remains to add photos under "mushing" and photos from spring this year. That´s really great, because I sorted pictures from the year 2007 now and believe me, it took really dozens of hours.


  Follow My Dreams Polární úsvit "Chaya" - was first in Open Bitch and then got also her second CC (Best bitch)! She is missing her last CC to finish Champion of UK! We hope to get it as soon as possible! Anyway, I know that it will be not easy in such huge competition in UK..

Jch.Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - intermedium class - Exc.1, CAC

Spike  got very nice critique: 18 months old male. Excellent body proportion. Excellent head. Dark eyes, scissor bite. Well set ears, great pigment. Great topline. Chest in developing. Nice front. Well set and carried tail. Correct angulation, right movement. Good character.


Jch.Oakiok Magic Boy for Polarni usvit "Spike" - intermedium class - Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB

Spike has started his way towards International Champion (C.I.B.) at first possible show, that was nice END of our family-show weekend ;-)


Happy new year to all our friends, puppy owners and visitor of this website! We wish you lot of healthy, happiness, success and joy in upcoming year 2014! I also would like to thank to our puppy owners for their care, time and love devoting to our offspring ♥

Feel free to see gallery of actual litter "J". The gallery is regularly up-dated. We are really very proud of this litter! Puppies are just 6 weeks old and I love their developing so much ;-)

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