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  Aura Polární úsvit - excellent 3
Cassie Polární úsvit - very promising - 2nd. BIS PUPPY !!!
  Delightful Anny Inditarod "Annie" - CAC, CACIB
Cassie Polární úsvit - Very promising 1
  (Ich.Just Fur Fun Shamanrock x Ich.Delightful Anny Inditarod) got his first title for Danish champion! Judge Stephen W.Hall (GB). He also went through the eyes tests and his eyes are clear! Basty will celebrate two years in May and I believe that the great show results and success will come up! Thanks to Myrna and Henrik - Czariks kennel for love and care that take about Basty!

You can see more than 200 new photos from last two years !!!

  Draga od Mamutí Skály - daughter of our Jessie is HD A, ED 0/0, eyes clear!!! Draga lives in Sweden in kennel Cahppes, where all family turns to their dogs, they are interested in mushing and sport with their dogs and they have great show results as well! They just came back from the training of the dogs where they will take part in Swedish working test next year! Draga is great worker and mushing dog and we are so happy for her healthy results! Thank you Anci, Henrik and your children for wonderful care that you take about Draga!
  Denmark - Harlev - Asim Polární úsvit - CAC, Club winner, BOB, BIS !!!

He also managed with his team to pass the Swedish working test Asim and Ashanti (Amuloga kennel) - leaders and back dogs Sam and Bond (Black Lotus kennel) see photo Musher Allan Rasmussen.
  Asim will be 3 years this March. He is great show dog and also great working dog according to his results. He is HD A, ED 0/0, eyes clear and he is already father of very promising puppies. Thank you Luise and Dan - kennel Amuloga for great job that you make with Asim!!!

Aura Polární úsvit - CACL, CACIB and she is now CHAMPION OF LUXEMBURG

Cassie Polární úsvit - Winner of Junior class and she is now JUNIOR CHAMPION OF LUXEMBURG
  Cassie is just 9 months and 3 days so she has started her show career really wonderful !!!

The show was Crufts Qualification - both females are already qualified for Crufts 2009 ! !
  The Part Of Your Entity Shamanrock - daughter of our male Jessie was THE BEST AM PUPPY and she was also chosen between 6 best puppies of the show from more than 50 handled breeds!!!
  Asim Polární úsvit - CAC, CLUB WINNER, BOB and 4 BIS !!! 
Asim also finished CLUB CHAMPION !!! Thank you Luisa!!! Another good job ;)
  Another outstanding success for our kennel and for our malamutes!
Deligtful Anny Inditarod - CACA, CACIB
Aura Polární úsvit - CACA, R.CACIB
Clipper Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class and BIS JUNIOR!!!
  Crony Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class - CAJC
Cassie Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class - CAJC
Asim Polární úsvit - CAC, CACIB !!!
Aura Polární úsvit - CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!
  Wonderful success for our offsprings!!! Thanks to the judge and owners of Asim and Crony for enter them on the show and for great presentation on the show!!!
  Aura Polární úsvit - Exc.1 CAC and finished CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!!
Aura also has got the most points in RANKING and she has became the most successful female of the year 2007 of Slovakian club for northern breeds!!!

Aura Polární úsvit - Exc.1 CAC and best female BOS!!!

  Aura Polární úsvit - champion class - Exc.1 CAC
Andy Polární úsvit - open class - Exc.1 CAC, Club winner!!!
  Cassie Polární úsvit - winner of junior class - CAJC, Club junior winner!!!
Crony Polární úsvit - winner of junior class - CAJC, Club junior winner!!!

Aura has got the most points in ranking also here and she is now CLUB CHAMPION!!!
  Aura Polární úsvit - R.CAC
Andy Polární úsvit - R.CAC
Cassie Polární úsvit - CAJC and in her 9 months BOB !!! Cassie finished CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!
Crony Polární úsvit - CAJC and he also finished CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!
  Thanks to both judges very much! Big congratulation to owners of Crony - Mr.and Mrs. Joska! Another big congratulation to owners of Andy which is developed in very nice female in her 3 years. Andy is also active working dog and she was in Finland this winter for 3 weeks where she trained with her "sparing partner - Druid od Mamutí Skály (son of our male Jessie)" Thank you - Vláda and Majka for wonderful care and job that you make with both dogs !!!

Aura Polární úsvit - open class - Exc.1  CAC, CACIB


Aura Polární úsvit - Exc.1 CAC, R.CACIB and finished CHAMPION OF CROATIA !!!

This great female is champion of 5 countries in her 3 years !!!

Andy Polární úsvit - Winner of open class CAC and CACIB

  Casper Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class and BIS JUNIOR (judge Jochen Eberhardt)
  Clipper Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class /Jugendsieger/

Casper Polární úsvit - Winner of junior class

  Father will be great male coming from USA - Multi BIS and Multi Ch Sno Quest´s King of Landwood! Mummy will be our Annie - BIS WW ICH CH Delightful Anny Inditarod. Both parents are the holders of the highest show titles, great temperament and nice character. They both are already parents of outstanding youngsters. Photos and more info you can see under litter "E".
  Jessie is already the father of very nice puppies and I believe that they will gave really great puppies together. Aura is just 3 years old female and she is one of the best females in Czech Republic and also in Slovakia. They both are working dogs, we have not ambition for competitions but we run to be happy and for training our dogs and also for their good muscling. So these puppies have the biggest premise for breeding, shows and sport. More under the litter "D"
  Asim Polární úsvit - open class - excellent 2 and RES.CAC !!!
Different between shows here in Czech Rep. and northern countries is that title CAC and RES.CAC can get only one male and one female from the breed! So, it is really wonderful for us that Asim got this title between so many entered dogs! This only 3 years old male has got already many titles, passed Sweeden Working test and is also used for breeding. More info about Asim you can read on
  Delightful Anny Inditarod - CAC, National Winner
Cassie Polární úsvit - CAJC
Andy Polární úsvit - CAC
  Aldo Polární úsvit "Taiko" - CACA, CLUB WINNER, BOB
Taiko is another successful male from litter "A". He is Champion of Bosna-Hercegovina, Austria and Interchampion in this time. Also Taiko is father of up-coming puppies generation in his 3 years. Taiko´s home is in the Kennel Nunivak Island in Austria. More info and more photos you can find on
  Planned litter between Jessie x Aura (Ich.Just Fur Fun Shamanrock x Ich.Aura Polární úsvit) will be born in the beginning of September! Aura´s gravidity was confirmed term for puppy birth is 5.9.2008. We are very happy, Aura is doing really great and we can see on her belly that puppies are still bigger and bigger..
  Delightful Anny Inditarod - CACA, Best female
Céla Polární úsvit - Exc.1, Best junior female /Jugendbester/
  Delightful Anny Inditarod - CACA, CACIB and finished  CHAMPION OF AUSTRIA!!!
Céla Polární úsvit - Exc. 2 in junior class
  We have boy and girl. We haven´t big litter but we have great puppies! They are dooing really well. You can see first puppies´photos at "puppies". Were you interested in puppies and are you sad now that we have only two puppies? So, we have great news! Andy Polární úsvit - sister of our Aura was covered by Jessie in these days! Pictures of Andy you can find at "covering". Andy is big and strong female with wonderful taste to go in mushing. She has started with the shows this year and she is excellent also there! Don´t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the puppies!
  27.09.2008 Speciality Club show Denmark-judge:Nada and Nenad Razumic-HR
Casper Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 in junior class and BIS JUNIOR!!! It was second show for this promissing boy and he became second time Best in Show Junior!!!
Asim Polární úsvit - Excellent 1, BOB a BIS !!! Another BIS for this beautiful male.  Thank you Luisa!!!
  27.09.2008 IHA Tulln - Austria - judge Dr.Otto Schimpf - A
Clipper Polární úsvit - Excellent 1 - Jugendbester - and finished CHAMPION OF AUSTRIA!!!
28.09.2008 IDS Ceske Budejovice - judge L.Pavlíková - CZ
Crony Polární úsvit - intermedium class - excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB ! It was just first day when he could be entered in medium class and he started it wonderful! Big congratulation to his owners - Mr.and Mrs.Joska.

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