Nothin´ But Gossip Polární úsvit

I would be lieing, if I say that the dream comes in true. There are dreams which we don´t dare to dream. One of these is result of our offsrpings at  AMCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY WEEK!

 As first, Regionals 1st 11 2022 - Carbon (Polar Black Diamond Polární úsvit) 3rd in Sweepstakes and 1st in puppy class 9-12 months ! Drama (Nothin´ But Gossip Polární úsvit) 4th in open class!

Another huge success became 4th 11 2022 at Nationals under well known judge Nancy Russell. Carbon (Polar Black Diamond Polární úsvit) was 1st in puppy class 9-12 months and also BEST PUPPY at Naionals !!! Drama (Nothin´ But Gossip Polární úsvit) became WINNERS BITCH and also BEST OF WINNERS !!!

Huge thanks to Nancy Russell for thinking so high about Drama and Carbon and huge thanks to Mrs. Tawny Roblin from Canada (kennel PolarBreeze), owner of them both and Carbon´s co-owner Mrs. Cindy Uraynar (kennel OAKIOK from USA).

No Clue Polární úsvit

It was a pleasure to have more offsrpings at the show this time and what fabulous achievement they got !

Rich Man Polární úsvit - owner: J. Preizler - puppy class male - Very promising 2 / 3

Pinch Me Im Dreaming Polární úsvit - puppy class female - Very promising 1 / 7

Ruby Polární úsvit - owner: M. Vaňková - puppy class female - Very promising 3 / 7

No Clue Polární úsvit - open class - owner: L.Petira - Exc.1 / 6, CAC, Speciality show winner, BOS

Dreamy & Maisy po výstavě

Pinch Me Im Dreaming Polární úsvit "Dreamy" - puppy class - Very promising 1

Million Dolla Baby Polární úsvit "Maisy" - open class - Exc.1, CAC

Pinch Me Im Dreaming Polární úsvit

This is first show for your little Dreamy :

Pinch Me Im Dreaming Polární úsvit "Dreamy" - baby class - Very promising 1

No Rain Just Sunny Polární úsvit

Amazing success for our offsprings from judge Mrs. Anne Marie Taylor (USA).

No Rain Just Sunny Polární úsvit "Sunny" - open class - owner: M. Tůma - Exc. 1 CAC, Best male, BOB and then also BEST IN SHOW !!!

Kahlua Cream Polární úsvit - winner class - Exc.1, CAC

Rising Star Polární úsvit

After cancelled reservation, we have available girl - Rising Star Polární úsvit, born 11.03.2022.Rosie is available in loving active home. She is also promissing for shows. We are ready to help and give the advice about raising malamute puppy. We are looking for great home, experience with malamutes or taste to learn everything about them. Rosie is loved by kids here, well socialized, she knows to walk on the leash, drive by car etc.. We are looking for best loving home for her. Lot of pictures of Rosie (girl number 4 - black color) and her siblings you can find in puppy gallery, parents and full pedigree in section puppies..

2022 0604 rosie3 330   2022 0604 rosie1 330

Puppies Sky x Clue "R"

It is not common for us to have two litters so close. We loose little puppies when they are leaving at new homes, but we usually find great friendship with their families. That´s why we can present new litter born 11.03.2022. This litter came in true thanks to the owner of Clue - Lukáš Petira and his family. We have 2 boys and 4 girls with great pedigree. You can follow their pedigree and developing in puppy gallery under link puppies. 1 girl and 1 boy are available in responsible homes.

Puppies Litter "P"

We added lot of pictures in puppy gallery. You can follow it here: litter P gallery. 5 puppies stayed with us till nearly 10 weeks and we could enjoy them really a lot. Wish them long and happy life at their new homes.

Puppies Litter "P"

Puppies are doing really well. You can follow their pictures in the gallery. Who is interested more, we have lot of videos on FB. 2 boys are available in loving homes. 

Puppies Litter "P"

Puppies were born today here, 5 strong boys and 2 girls! Proud parents are Jeff and mummy Maisy. Puppies and Maisy are doing fine. You can follow them on our FB or very soon in "puppies" section here.

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