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BIS WW ICH CH Delightful Anny Inditarod



World Winner 2006
Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Czech Grandchampion, Czech Veteran Champion
Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Poland, Champion of Austria
Champion of Croatia,  Club champion of Slovakia - SKCHPSP
  Czech club champion - KSP, Czech club veteran champion - KSP
Club winner of Austria, Hungary,
Specialty show winner of Czech.Rep.and Slovakia
National Winner
BIS Poznan 2005
Genetic profile
 * 13.05.2002 - † 24.02.2017
HD 0/0, Eyes clear 11/2009
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There is a new star shining on the sky – MultiCh.Delightful Anny Inditarod, our beloved Annie
Run free my friend, YOU can proudly wear your silver harness. YOU were the best mum and later the best grandma to our puppies. YOU loved running the scooter, YOU loved to swim in the water, YOU always loved show rings, YOU always knew you are a princess. YOU could speak by your face like nobody else. YOU have reached so many titles, YOU became a champion of many countries, YOU became a World Winner 2006. YOU just YOU will be always my heart dog, deeply loved and never forgotten. Thank YOU for nearly 15 years, thank YOU for everything.. YOU knew & I know.. Whenever I hug the girls here then I always hug also YOU.  *** Annie came to us as a puppy and she brought lot of happiness in our family. I reached the highest dreams at show rings with her. She became a champion of many countries. She became a WORLD WINNER 2006 and she became also BEST IN SHOW at International Dog Show in Poznan. She was perfect for our scooter tracks, but also for hiking, for traveling. She was perfect mum to her puppies, always taking care also about her grand puppies. She produced many champions. Annie was so sweet to all people, children and also to other dogs. No words can describe how much I loved her and how much I miss her...


Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents
ICH.· Buffalo Bill Inditarod
ICH. Moon Song's Captain Moon Ray
CH. Nanuke's Lockport Louie CH. Nanuke's Revolutionary
CH. Nanuke's Seal of Approval
CH. Nanuke's Drivings Ms Daisey CH. Northeast's Wild-N-Wooly
CH. Northeast's Scarlet Fever
MultiCH. Conny ze Západní křižovatky
Agil Český Klondike Derry Manitoba
Akea na Hořence
Ayrin z Červené hospody CH. Mister T Grandson of Kaitu
Corinna Rychlé sáně
ICH. Askania Legend
 of North

Kid De Soto De Riofrio CH. Storm Kloud's Legend Continues CH. Poker Flat's Yukon Law
CH. Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me
Uka CH. Fedor Del Viejo Roble
CH. Cassie Kysucká hviezda Agy Deasy CH. Alaskan Dříš
Arktida Adira
Arna Nakatu Brey Bedhill
Aschley Krása Kanady


Date   Show Result Judge
15.09.2002 CZ Specialty show KSP - Dolní Benešov Very promising 1 Marie Kůrová - CZ
16.11.2002 CZ Club show AMKCR-Lysá n.Labem Very promising 1 Adolf Ringer - A
09.02.2003 CZ IDS Brno Very promising 1, BIS PUPPY Karel  Hořák - CZ 
12.04.2003 CZ Club show KSP Lanškroun Exc.1, CAJC, CLUB JUNIOR WINNER Karel Hořák - CZ
27.04.2003 CZ IDS České Budějovice Exc.1, CAJC Ing. Petrusová - CZ
18.05.2003 CZ Local show Hradec Králové Exc.1, Winner of junior class Marie Kůrová - CZ
15.06.2003 CZ IDS Praha Exc.1, CAJC Erwin Deutscher - A


27.07.2003 CZ NDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.1, CAJC Petr Broukal - CZ
07.09.2003 CZ IDS Interdog Bohemia - MB Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB Ing.Leoš Jančík - CZ
21.09.2003 CZ NDS Brno Exc.2, Res.CAC Marie Kůrová -CZ
04.10.2003 SK Specialty show SKChPSP Bratislava Exc.1, CAC Jean-Luc Delente - FR
12.10.2003 CZ IDS České Budějovice Exc.1, CAC Petr Broukal - CZ
13.03.2004 CZ Club show KSP Hustopeče Exc.2, Res.CAC Ing.Petrusová - CZ
25.04.2004 PL IDS Opole Exc.1, CWC Petr Řehánek - CZ
16.05.2004 PL NDS Jelenia Góra Exc.1, CWC, BOS M. Jaśkowiak - PL
23.05.2004 CZ IDS Litoměřice - Nord Bohemia Canis Exc.1, CAC Renata Seidlová - CZ
27.06.2004 CZ IDS Brno Exc.2, Res.CAC Ing.Leoš Jančík - CZ
25.07.2004 CZ NDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.1, CAC Ing.Petrusová - CZ


21.08.2004 SK IDS Bratislava Exc.1, CAC M.Uroševič - SCG
22.08.2004 SK IDS Bratislava Exc.1, CAC Milan Bíroš - SK
18.09.2004 CZ KSP Club show Exc.2, Res.CAC Ing.Leoš Jančík - CZ
26.09.2004 PL IDS Wroclaw Exc.1, CWC, Res.CACIB J.Matyáš - SK
10.10.2004 CZ IDS České Budějovice Exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB Ludmila Pavlíková - CZ
23.10.2004 SK Specialty show SKCHPSP Ružiná Exc.1, CAC, SPECIALTY SHOW WINNER M. Musial - PL




14.11.2004 A Club show St.Pölten Exc.1, CACA, CLUB WINNER, BOB Ingrid Ehold - A
05.12.2004 PL NDS Nowa Ruda Exc.1, CWC Katarzyna Boryczko - PL


13.02.2005  CZ IDS Brno Exc.2, R.CAC H. Kirsbichler - A
20.08.2005 SK IDS Bratislava Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB H. Wiblishauser - D
21.08.2005 SK IDS Bratislava  Exc.1, CAC, R.CACIB P.R.Veléz - Puerto Rico
04.09.2005 CZ IDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.2, R.CAC, R.CACIB Ing.Leoš Jančík - CZ
17.09.2005 CZ Club show KSP - Svojanov Exc.3 Karel Hořák - CZ
18.09.2005 CZ Specialty show KSP - Svojanov Exc.3 G. Schäfer - D


25.09.2005 PL IDS Wroclaw Exc.1, CWC, CACIB Z. Jakubowski - PL
06.11.2005 PL IDS Poznaň Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS !!! Freddie Klindrup - DK
Kari Salminen - FIN
Annie Poznan winner 
Annie Poznan
12.11.2005 CZ Club show AMKČR Praha Exc.2, R.CAC T.Havelka - SK
13.11.2005 CZ NDS Praha Exc.1, CAC H. Blatoňová - CZ
15.01.2006 CZ NDS Olomouc Exc.2 M. Redlicki - PL
09.11.2006 PL World Dog Show Poznaň Exc.1, CWC, CACIB - WORLD WINNER W. Pinsker - CA
25.11.2006 HR CACIB Zagreb Exc.1, CAC, CACIB Ch. Trotter - USA
26.11.2006 HR CACIB Zagreb Exc.1, CAC, CACIB - ZAGREB WINNER H.A.Feyel - D


11.02.2007 CZ CACIB Brno Exc.1, CAC, CACIB Adolf Ringer - A
10.11.2007 PL CACIB Poznaň Exc.1, CWC M.Musial - PL
10.02.2008 CZ CACIB Brno Exc.1, CAC, CACIB M. Vreteničič - SG
12.04.2008 A CACIB Wieselburg Exc.1, CACA, CACIB E. Stift - A
27.04.2008 PL CACIB Opole Exc.2 Y. Nagler Magal - ISR
24.05.2008 HR CACIB Varaždin Exc.1 P. Harsanyi - H
25.05.2008 HR CACIB Varaždin Exc.2, R.CAC D. Reicher - HR
20.07.2008 CZ NDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.1, CAC, National Winner R. Seidlová - CZ
23.08.2008 A NDS Innsbruck-Alpencup2008 Exc.1, CACA, Best female S. Schreiböck - A
24.08.2008 A IDS Innsbruck - Alpencup 2008 Exc.1, CACA, CACIB F. Zimmermann - A


04.10.2008 H European dog show Budapešť Exc.3 Kari Jarvinen - FIN
05.10.2008 H Club show of Hungary Exc.1, CAC, CLUB WINNER W.G.Willhauck - USA
12.10.2008 CZ Specialty show KSP Exc,1, CAC, SPECIALTY SHOW WINNER K. Hořák - CZ


08.11.2008 PL IDS Poznan Exc.2, R.CACIB V.Klucniece - LV
16.11.2008 CZ IDS Praha Exc.2. R.CAC Judith Gogibus - FR
30.11.2008 HR IDS Zagreb Exc.1, CAC Jean Lanning - GB
07.11.2009 CZ Club show AMKČR, Praha Exc.1 in honor class Guido Schäfer - D
20.11.2009 HR Specialty show Zagreb Exc,2, R.CAC Lisbeth Mach - CH
21.11.2009 HR IDS Zagreb Exc.2, R.CAC Gerard Jipping - NL
22.11.2009 HR IDS Zagreb Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, ZAGREB WINNER Marta Heine - D


18.07.2010 CZ NDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.1 in veteran class Ludmila Pavlíková - CZ
29.08.2010 CZ IDS Mladá Boleslav Exc.1, BOB veteran, BIS VETERAN !!! Zoya Oleynikova - UA
01.10.2010 SLO European specialty dog show for group FCI V, Celje Exc.2 in veteran class Pierluigi Buratti - I
02.10.2010 SLO European dog show, Celje Exc.4 in veteran class N. Deschuymere - B
16.10.2010 CZ Specialty show KSP - Tři Studně Exc.1 in veteran class F.Zimmerman - A


26.03.2011 CZ Club show KSP, Hodonín Exc.1 in veteran class T. Gellén - HU
16.04.2011 CZ Specialty show AMKČR, Praha Exc.1, BIS Veteran M. Marušková - CZ
01.05.2011 PL IDS Opole Exc.1, BOB veteran T. Leenen - B


28.04.2012 CZ Club show KSP, Mlada Boleslav Exc.1 in veteran class RNDr. J. Ovesná - CZ
30.06.2012 CZ CAC show KSP - Samopse Exc.1 in veteran class P. Broukal - CZ

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We have puppies out of Dobby and Maisy born 23.08.2023


All our three dogs are available to stud for approved bitches. They are successful in shows, but also excellent workhorses. More informations you find on the card for each of them, including health outcomes, show results, pedigrees and photo gallery .


Our bitches, or as we call home GIRLS, from the youngest to the oldest grandmother. Their exterior and nature is extremely important for us, after all it's the mother of our offspring. Mainly, however, the members of our household and partacky for our children.


Look at the history of our puppies from the first litter in 2005. We usually one litter each year and bred puppy takes place in our heart. We strive for them to choose the best home and the owners require constant contact. There is no better reward than seeing a happy puppy living an active life in a loving family.