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CH Honey Lady Polární úsvit

C.I.B. - International Champion
Czech Champion, Czech Grand Champion, Champion of Poland
Club Winner - AMKCR 2014
Club Winner - KSP 2014
* 17.11.2010 - † 27.11.2019
ED 0/0, HD 0/0, Eyes clear, AMPN N/N
Genetic profile
long coat gene G/G
lady profile fr700bw
header fotogalerie rainbowbridge


Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents  
CH.Lord of the Rings Appalachian
HD A, ED 0/0, Eyes clear
CH. Windrift´s This Is The Time CH. Williwaw´s River Dance CH. Braemal´s Alyeska Tuag
Snowtip´s Williwaw Windance
Windrift´s Enchanted w Nanuke CH. Nanuke´s Revolutionary
CH. Nanuke´s What a Rush
CH. Fair Play Appalachian CH. Moon Song´s Heaven on Earth CH. Sno Klassic in Your Face
CH. Moon Song´s Driving Me Crazy
CH. Blossom Hill Appalachian CH. Turm De Bricassart
CH. Lady Snow Huk Amarok
ICH. Aura Polární úsvit
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, Eyes clear
ICH. Brad Pitt del Lago Degli Orsi CH. Pandizucchero Del Lago Degli Orsi CH. Poker Flat´s Yukon Law
CH. Storm Kloud´s Can´t Catch Me
Storm Kloud´s Oonly The Best Storm Kloud´s Aall Systems Go
Storm Kloud´s Witchkraft
ICH WW Delightful Anny Inditarod ICH. Buffalo Bill Inditarod CH. Moon Song´s Captain Moon Ray
ICH. Conny ze Západní křiľovatky CS
ICH. Askania Legend of North Kid de Soto de Riofrio
Cassie Kysucká hviezda SK



Date   Show Result Judge
26.03.2011 CZ Club show KSP, Hodonín Very promising 1 L. Frnčová - CZ
16.04.2011 CZ Specialty show AMKČR, Praha Very promising 1, BIS BABY M. Marušková - CZ
01.05.2011 PL IDS Opole Very promising 1, BOB baby T. Leenen - B
05.06.2011 CZ NDS Klatovy Very promising 1 G. Jipping - B
02.07.2011 CZ CAC show KSP, Mšec Very promising 2 Ing.H.Petrusová - CZ
08.07.2011 FR French championship show, Paris Very promising M. Muntean Petru - RO
09.07.2011 FR World dog show, Paris Very promising M. Leneuf Christian
28.08.2011 CZ IDS Mlada Boleslav Excellent 1, CAJC N. Nekrošiené - LI
18.09.2011 CZ NDS Brno Excellent 2 H. Blatoňová - CZ
09.10.2011 CZ IDS České Budějovice Excellent 2 K. Hořák - CZ
06.11.2011 CZ IDS Prague Excellent 3 Ing. I. Síbrtová - CZ
28.04.2012 CZ Club show KSP, Mladá Boleslav Excellent 2 RNDr. J. Ovesná - CZ
19.05.2012 A World Dog Show, Salzburg Excellent I. Beradze - GEO
26.08.2012 CZ IDS Mlada Boleslav Excellent 1, CAC L. Siejkowski - PL
30.09.2012 PL IDS Wroclaw Excellent 1, CWC

J. Szczepańska-Korpetta - PL

06.10.2012 CZ Club show AMKCR Prague Excellent 1, CAC G. Richard - D
14.10.2012 CZ IDS Ceske Budejovice Excellent 2, R.CAC Z. Jílková - CZ
17.11.2012 HR IDS Zagreb Excellent 1, CAC M. Hamill - IRL
18.11.2012 HR IDS Zagreb Excellent 1, CAC F. Kovačev - HR
23.02.2013 SK IDS Nitra Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS T. Nils-Arne - SWE
24.02.2013 SK IDS Nitra Excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB V. Vojtek - SK
15.03.2013 PL IDS Katowice Excellent 2 H. Wiblishauser - D
07.04.2013 CZ Club show of KSP - Chrzin Excellent 2 G. Weron - PL
28.04.2013 PL IDS Opole Excellent 1, CWC, CACIB Ing. H. Blatoňová - CZ
04.05.2013 CZ Specialty show of AMKCR Prague Excellent 1, CAC G. Kastl - D
05.05.2013 CZ IDS Prague Excellent 1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB P. Márová - CZ
16.05.2013 H World Dog Show Budapest Excellent C. Molinari - I
17.05.2013 H World Club Show of northern breeds Budapest Excellent 2, R.CAC Edd E.Bivin - USA
06.04.2014 CZ Club show KSP - Měchenice Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner D.Kilillea - GB
03.05.2014 CZ Club show AMKČR - Prague Excellent 1, CAC, Best bitch - Club Winner M.Grazia Miglietta
25.05.2014 CZ IDS Litoměřice Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS G. Ridarčíková - SK
14.06.2014 CZ CAC show KSP - Libeř Excellent 1, CAC, Best bitch
M.Kůrová - CZ
22.06.2014 CZ IDS Intercanis Brno Excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB P.Márová - CZ
19.04.2015 D IDS Chemnitz Excellent 1, CAC VDH, R.CAC, R.CACIB Dr.Wilfried Peper - DE
26.04.2015 PL IDS Opole Exc.1, CWC, R.CACIB G. Jipping - NL
02.05.2015 CZ Speciality Club Show AMKČR Exc.1, CAC T. Havelka - CZ
16.05.2015 CZ Club Show KSP, Měchenice Exc.2, R.CAC B. Bruns - D
12.06.2015 IT Club Show CIRN, Miláno Exc.4 Pier Luigi Buratti - IT
13.06.2015 IT World Dog Show, Miláno Exc G. Schager - D
28.11.2015 SK IDS Nitra Exc.1, CAC Z. Olejniková (UA)
29.11.2015 SK IDS Nitra Exc.1 B. Maffezzoni (IT)
05.12.2015 D NDS Kassel Exc.1, CAC VDH, R.CAC U. Mayer (DE)
06.12.2015 D IDS Kassel Exc.1, CAC VDH F. Dickmann (DE)
19.06.2016 CZ IDS Brno Exc.1, CAC R. Seidlová (CZ)
06.05.2017 CZ CAC show KSP, Nová Živohošť Exc.1 - honor class Donna Beckman (USA)
07.05.2017 CZ Club show KSP, Nová Živohošť Exc 1 - honor class Franco Mannato (IT)

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We have puppies out of Dobby and Maisy born 23.08.2023


All our three dogs are available to stud for approved bitches. They are successful in shows, but also excellent workhorses. More informations you find on the card for each of them, including health outcomes, show results, pedigrees and photo gallery .


Our bitches, or as we call home GIRLS, from the youngest to the oldest grandmother. Their exterior and nature is extremely important for us, after all it's the mother of our offspring. Mainly, however, the members of our household and partacky for our children.


Look at the history of our puppies from the first litter in 2005. We usually one litter each year and bred puppy takes place in our heart. We strive for them to choose the best home and the owners require constant contact. There is no better reward than seeing a happy puppy living an active life in a loving family.